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Time between OCS and ABOLC

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drew755 Member
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Time between OCS and ABOLC

Postby drew755 Sun Apr 12, 2015 10:51 am

So I'm set to graduate from OCS and start ABOLC about one month after. I don't have my orders yet to know what my reporting options are, but what are the things I can do in the month in between and how much time off will i be given to move my stuff here? It is listed as a PCS move on the ABOLC website and I have secured off base housing, but technically I'm already at Fort Benning, so how does that work?
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recruit_02 Member
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Postby recruit_02 Sun Apr 12, 2015 11:06 am

I'm in ABOLC right now and I had a similar gap between OCS and classing up. You have a few options. If OCS will let you, you can do hometown recruiting. You can also request permissive TDY when you sign in at ABOLC. I recommend this. It lasts ten days and that's when you're supposed to move your stuff down to GA and get everything done that needs doing before BOLC starts. Think of it as leave that you won't be charged for.

A couple of the NCOs in HHT (like HHC at OCS, but we call companies "troops" in the Cav world) are going to tell you that permissive TDY can't be done. It can. Just speak to the troop commander and he will help everyone get on the same page.

After your TDY you will be snowbirding at HHT. You'll show up for PT at 0600. Then again at 0900 to see if you have a detail that day. If you do, you'll complete your detail and go home. If you don't, you'll show up again at 1330 for accountability and once more at 1600 to be released for the day. HHT is not a place you want to spend very much time in. There is a lot of standing by to stand by.

Be prepared for a different kind of environment than what you're used to at OCS. The whole "standards, no compromise" thing isn't as strict over at Harmony Church. Just go with the flow and stay under the radar. PM me if you have more questions.

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