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Knee ache when running

Primarily for active duty personnel to share fitness tips and other information in order to get prepared for the physical demands of OCS.
dct5085 Member
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Knee ache when running

Postby dct5085 Wed Sep 27, 2017 2:42 pm

I have seen other forumsI have been working on improving my PT score by decreasing my 2 mi. run time. I'm relatively young, 23, and have never experienced any knee related injuries ever before. I started running pretty hard (~2 mi) after about 1.5 years of little to no excercise and everything was going great. I lost about 25 lbs and decreased my 2 mi. run by about 2.5 minutes..however I had to stop due to shin splints. I bought new shoes and started training wiht an elliptical, bike and by swimming. All was good here until I went on a pretty rigorous trip to one of our beautiful national parks where I would hike about 15 miles a day with a 30-45lb pack. When I came back i felt a dull ache first directly below my kneecap then above it after wearing a runners knee strap. I completley stopped all cardio that uses a lot of knee movement (running, biking, elliptical) but continue swimming. It's been about a month and a half since the trip and I still get this dull ache when I walk more than a mile a day.

I'm concerned that this is something more than just an overuse injury but don't want to have to visit a doctor for him to just tell me to rest then end up having to get a medical waiver. If anyone has any experince that si anything like this or can give me some advice on improving the shape of my knee, I would appreciate it. I've done R.I.C.E. off and on and am trying to strengthen my leg muscles(quad,hamstring) but a lot of excercises call for full ROM around the knee. Also, shin splints are completley gone.
WhiskeyPapa79brat Member
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Re: Knee ache when running

Postby WhiskeyPapa79brat Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:03 pm

So 6 months ago EVERYTHING hurt my knees. I could hardly lunge, and I would have had 0 chance of passing the MEPS duck walk. I had to manually support myself standing up after squatting down to grab things from the bottom shelf of the fridge (I still cringe thinking about how it felt).

So how did all of those things gone away to where I passed MEPS yesterday? Well the problems initially were there because I was too sedentary for too long. My calves and hamstrings were too tight, my back was weak. Playing semi-pro hockey and division 1 rugby in college these were new things to me. As I said I was pretty sedentary, and I also had extremely poor posture during those times I was sitting (and also sleeping).

So back in July/August I started going to yoga class a couple times a week. It opened up my hips and loosened up a lot of problems, and activated a bunch of muscles in my glutes and feet that have made a huge difference. I figured out how to lunge pain free.

In addition to yoga the core workout here ( ... -guide.pdf) on pages 6-7 has been helpful along with the mobility and injury prevention demonstrated here ( ... -guide.pdf) --- the upper body mobility is going to be a bit more important if you're doing a large volume of swimming and pull ups in addition to lots of push ups. In your case, I'd see if you can figure out something awkward going on in your hips or calves that might be putting strange strain on your knees. Being diligent of doing mobility work every day or two times a day will hopefully help your body sort out what's going on with your knee.

With that said, your mileage may vary, and I can't guarantee you don't have a more serious injury. I only studied exercise science so that does not make me a doctor.

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